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Welcome to our “Fresh Start” Program utilizing the Ideal Protein method

What is this diet and how is it different?

  • This diet is different from other diets in that this is a 4 phase program. There is a beginning and an end to this diet.
  • Phase 1 lasts until you achieve your goal weight. Each day you’ll consume three Ideal Protein meals plus a regular protein meal such as grilled chicken, steak, eggs, fish, etc., along with vegetables.
  • Phase 2 is 2 weeks and you’ll be having 2 IP meals per day and 2 regular protein meals. Phase 3 is also 2 weeks and you’ll only have 1 ideal protein food per day.
  • Phase 4 is maintenance where you are off the food and we’re teaching you how to eat
  • We have found women lose approximately 2-3 pounds a week on average and men lose 3-4.

(Results vary from person to person)

  • Not only have our dieters been able to lose weight and keep it off but many have been able to eliminate most or all of their medications for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • It differs from other diets in that it’s a low carbohydrate, protein supplemented diet so your body uses the fat for energy without losing muscle. You need muscle to burn calories. Most diets (i.e. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig) will lose fat and muscle so when the diet ends people gain more fat back which is called “yo yo diet”.

          Results that are measurable, predictable, and repeatable.


  • Dieters come in weekly to review how they are doing, weight, measurement, (that you take yourself and we record), address concerns etc. We don’t charge for these visits but they are extremely important all the way thru phase 4.
  • Cost of food ranges from about $4.50 - $5.75 per meal.
  • Your typical cost per week is around $93 for 21 meals.
  • If you go out to eat 1x a week you will probably be saving money, any more than 1x a week you definitely would.
  • If you drink alcohol you’ll be saving money on your weekly food bill

The 1st week you will receive a starter bag that includes twenty one meals which is enough food to last you a week. Also included in the starter bag are supplements that you must take. This includes Cal-mag, multi vitamin, potassium, and Omega 3. The supplements will last you about a month. There is also salt and a protein drink shaker. The cost for this is $199. Subsequent weeks will cost less as you will only need 21 meals (3 ideal protein packets per day for 7 days)


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